Staff Code of Conduct

Committees, music teams, and other people who work on behalf of our choruses must try to:

  1. Act in the best interests of the chorus.
  2. Lend a hand to help others.
  3. Work towards the ensemble's goals.
  4. Follow health and safety guidelines, our safeguarding policy for vulnerable people, and our data protection policy, reporting any breaches.
  5. Treat all members and the public with respect and equality.
  6. Take personal responsibility for getting things done, getting support when needed.
  7. Look for ways to improve their own role or the chorus.
  8. Make sure someone’s fully-prepared to deputise for their role when they’re not available, and let colleagues know who that is.
  9. Be on time to activities or tell other participants when to expect them.
  10. Get the right support to members who they see in need of help.
  11. Encourage others to get involved in giving feedback or in musical and organisational roles.
  12. Be open, friendly, and inclusive, and behave with integrity when dealing with others.