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 +<div class="message is-warning is-medium">
 +    <div class="message-header">COVID-19</div>
 +    <div class="message-body content">
 +All Voice is currently not rehearsing due to the coronavirus pandemic. We aim to be back some time in the new year, 2022.
 +    </div>
 +<div class="notification has-text-centered">All Voice is an <strong>a cappella chorus open to all</strong>, rehearsing on <strong>Thursday evenings</strong> in Clifton, Bristol.</div>
 +We're learning **pop, rock and show songs** in four-part harmony for performances every few months (probably more at Christmas!). <del>Unlike some choirs, All Voice runs **all year round**, apart from two weeks over Christmas, and the membership subscription is monthly.</del>
 +For **more information**, including how to come to our taster sessions, sign up to the mailing list below - you can unsubscribe any time if you don't want to get the emails any more.
 +<iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src="https://app.mailjet.com/widget/iframe/2THo/bWd" width="100%" height="349"></iframe>
 +====== Bristol A Cappella ======
 +Do you want a challenge in your singing? All Voice has a sister chorus, [[https://www.bristolacappella.co.uk|Bristol A Cappella]], singing in up to eight-part harmony and taking part in at least one competition each year. If you start in All Voice, and decide you want to push your boundaries a bit, try the BAC voice checks; you might end up in a smaller group as well, with Bristol Magic or even a quartet!.