From shower singers to contest winners,
All Voice has an a cappella chorus for you

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All Voice is currently not rehearsing due to the coronavirus pandemic. We aim to be back some time in the new year, 2022.
All Voice is an a cappella chorus open to all, rehearsing on Thursday evenings in Clifton, Bristol.

We're learning pop, rock and show songs in four-part harmony for performances every few months (probably more at Christmas!). Unlike some choirs, All Voice runs all year round, apart from two weeks over Christmas, and the membership subscription is monthly.

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Bristol A Cappella

Do you want a challenge in your singing? All Voice has a sister chorus, Bristol A Cappella, singing in up to eight-part harmony and taking part in at least one competition each year. If you start in All Voice, and decide you want to push your boundaries a bit, try the BAC voice checks; you might end up in a smaller group as well, with Bristol Magic or even a quartet!.